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I've been constantly wondering
Why my heart wasn't content
It kept sending me messages
But I never knew what they meant
So I set out on a search
I had to find the real me
And figure out exactly what it is I'm meant to be

And I had to take off, I just needed to go
No idea where my heart may roam
I just need to find a place that I can call home
Where I don't feel so impossibly alone

I ran down the street through the masses of people
Looking for my friend's house with a steeple
"He must know the secret to success,
All of his stuff is imported, and it's the absolute best."
As he opened the door, and I looked inside
Things were strewn all over the floor, and smelled like someone had died
His wife had left him, and I expected him to scold me
But he just started to cry, and here's what he told me

I just have to take off, I really need to go
No idea where my heart may roam
I just need to get out, get away from this home
And find a place where I don't feel so impossibly alone

So I flew across the country
To a whole new state
Hoping that there I could find someone that which I could imitate
And I found someone, an aspiring actor
With very wealthy parents who picked another benefactor
Because of his choice
He had no more voice
And they took away everything he had which to rejoice
See, his parents had extremely high hopes for their son
Because they were both doctors, and he was the only one
Of his family to choose such a different path
And when they found out they left, and without looking back,
they said:

We need to take off, we've decided to go
You've made it very clear where your heart wants to roam
So you will not get our money, or even our home
Should've made us proud, now you're all alone

And on my back to the airport
I came across a building
That had paint splattered on it from the floor to the ceiling
So I knocked on the door
And felt really rude
Because as the door opened, I saw a family with food
And I was offered to come inside by an interesting dude
Promising that I was welcome, and I didn't intrude
As I sat down to eat, I noticed their living conditions
Dirt in the living room, old food in the kitchen
But they all had rosy red cheeks despite their obvious malnutrition
Like they were under a spell by the most fantastic magician
The father was a painter, the mother unemployed
So they spent all of their lives being with their two boys
I couldn't understand their happiness, I couldn't see it
So I asked them for their secret
And I couldn't believe it
They said

When we were both young, we decided to go
Our hearts found each other on the path that they roamed
So we stayed here together and created a home
Where none of us would ever have to again be alone

That night, I took off on a random flight
Not knowing where I was going and filled with fright
And when I sat down in my seat on this mystery plane
I met a girl, it turned out she was doing the same.
Nothing's ever taken this long to write, and I'm quite happy with it. (:
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ssensory Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2012   Writer
You should add more puncuation in this, as I'd you we're writing prose or something. It helps with the flow and the readers can have a better understanding of what you're saying in poetry/lyrics.
You have four verses and one bridge right? With the verses they should all have the same amount of lines and keep your syllables in order.
Verse 1 syllable count - 8/7/8/8/7/7/14
Verse 2 syllable count -11/10/9/11/10/15/14/13
The only lines that added up with syllables were lines 3 and 7 in V 1 & 2. Syllables should always be the same amount (example: say verse one line one has 4 syllables then verse two line one should have 4 syllables or have 3 or off is the only exception) or it won't flow. There is no set rhyme scheme, that's fine if you don want one.

I like how this tells a story but from lack of puncuation there are a few grammical errors.
LitTechGirl Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2012
I like the story of this a lot. I feel very much like the speaker of this poem right now...not content and wanting to find the real me.
silvertruth5 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I really like this. When I read it I imagined the group Fort Minor was singing it.
Bruggenbrander Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012
I love it. it really tells a good story with hopes for a happy ending :) great job!
Aazdremzol Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Hmph, I read a quote today...and it said "Life is love, and without love you have not lived life."
After reading this, I got to say that quote is 100% true. I don't think I have ever liked a poem this much before. :la:
Good job man, you deserve this fave.
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